Friday, June 14, 2013

1st Leg of the Trip

At the end of May we took a trip. As a family. In our car. The first part of our journey took us to Evansville, IN to visit some of Dan's family. We spent the evening visiting and having dinner and staying up late. The kids were getting a bit frazzled as we loaded them up and headed back to our hotel and I'll be gosh darned if we didn't get a single picture of the kids with their cousins! What was I thinking!?! Argh! Miss Boothe and Miss Harper totally hit it off and loved playing together. Ken and Erika's twin boys are about 9 months younger than Henry so in a few years those 3 will be unstoppable.

Here are some pics we did take in Evansville. The first are of the kids picking out their bed at the hotel. The rest are from the children's museum where we spent the morning killing time before heading down to Kentucky to stay at a cabin for a few days.

Henry getting used to all the hours spent in the car on our trip.

The kids picking out their beds at the hotel.

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