Saturday, May 26, 2012

Life These Days

These pictures were taken over that past month at our house.  We are transitioning from spring to summer and enjoying kiddie pool time and running in the sprinklers.  This past weekend we traveled to Tennessee to visit relatives (post to come soon).  Henry is growing and thriving.  He was 18 lbs. on the nose at his 4 month appointment.  He has left the newborn stage behind and has become a squeezy-cuddly baby recently.  The other day looking at how big he was I couldn't believe how fast time has gone since he was born and a tiny newborn.

 Magnolia finished up her first year of piano lessons this week.  She has done much better than I think Dan or I expected for being so young.  We will keep her practicing a couple times a week over the summer so she can start right up in the fall where she left off.  We are hoping to take a break from piano and dance and do swimming and tennis lessons this summer.
 I'm usually the one with the camera so I love the rare shot of me with the kids.
 Henry is a strong little brute!  He does pushups just for fun!  I took these pictures on 5/23, his 5 month birthday.  Let's take bets on when he starts crawling.  I say WAY before my girls did.

 We have already planted and harvested a bunch of spinach and radishes from the garden.  I wish I had much more space to plant spinach again and again all summer.  It was absolutely delicious.  We turned over the garden a couple days ago and planted all of our carrots and peas.  We have a small place left that we are still debating what to plant.  We are planning to attempt potatoes this year too.  Mom and Dad got their big garden mostly planted and we are hoping for tomatoes galore.  Planning on lots of canning in the next couple months!

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  1. Those push up look pretty good! Dad wants a correction on the garden...Mom and Dad not Dan:)