Friday, February 3, 2012

Snowman and Sledding

Although we had hardly any snow in January, we did have a couple of decent snowfalls and were able to enjoy it a couple of different days.  One Saturday Dan took the girls out front to build a snowman.  Magnolia wanted to recreate Frosty the Snowman, but the quality of snow didn't really cooperate so they had to make a big pile of snow and shape the snowman out of it.  It ended up looking more like Melty the Snowman.  The girls were thrilled though and would always look out the window to check on Frosty.  These days the snow is all gone and Frosty has gone to a better place.

On another Saturday we piled in the car with a couple of sleds and headed to a nearby golf course for some sledding.  Neither of the girls had ever gone sledding before, and they had a ball.  Took a couple of times down to warm up but after that they didn't want to stop.  Dan turns back into a adolescent boy when you get him near a hill covered in snow.  Each time Dan went down he would yell to the girls to watch him and then he would do some kind of trick like going down the hill standing up on the sled or doing summer saults all of the way down to the bottom!  I stayed in the car with Henry and had fun watching and taking pictures.


  1. These pictures make me think of the lyrics sung at your wedding: All you need is love.

  2. I agree with David! These are great pictures and great memories.

    1. WOW -- The pics are beautiful; of course with those subjects, can't be anything but beautiful! David's 'All you need is love' comment sums up the pics!!! I am looking forward to seeing the real things!! Gramma Kath