Sunday, January 8, 2012

My #3

Our little boy.  I love newborns.  Yes, they keep me up at night, but all day you can't get any more precious.  He is already changing and looking less like he did when he was first born.  How fast these last 2 weeks have gone.  How fast these last 4 years have gone.  Just over 4 years ago, I had 0 kids, now I have 3!  I am so blessed.

 My #2 is Little Miss Mommy and always helps with diaper changes, always runs to him when he cries and gives him more kisses in a day than one can count.
 I have 2 very proud big sisters who couldn't love their little brother more.

 I think they love each other a little bit too!


  1. I love these kids:) I think Henry has his own look, cute as ever!!Magnolia and Boothe are the best big sisters ever...

  2. Henry is lucky to have those two as sisters.