Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kiddie Craft

I have been letting the girls get more crafty lately and play with glue and stickers; ink and paint; and beads and strings.  After baby brother is born in December we will probably be spending 5 days a week hunkered down indoors at home until April.  Thats a lot of time to get bored and watch plenty of movies.  So to combat that a little bit I am trying to find artsy activities that the girls like.  Some favorites so far are stringing large beads onto pipe cleaners to make bracelets and necklaces for their dolls, drawing faces on paper and gluing on googlie eyes, cutting anything and pasting anything and stamping anything.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and we tried it out.  I got an ink pad with many different colors at a craft store.  I couldn't find anything that said washable but this one did say "could only be used on fabrics if blah blah blah..." so I figured it must wash out of fabrics pretty easily and it did.  White pants, blue ink and good as new.  We gathered a couple of unsharpened pencils and used the erasers as stamps.  Easy, colorful and interesting.  The sky's the limit with the number of patterns you could make with circles.  This would be especially great of older kids who could make some impressionist style prints.

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  1. sooo talented!! Can't wait for baby brother to be here:)