Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Cookies

Twice a year we decorate cookies; at Halloween and at Christmas.  Not sure why those 2 holidays make us feel like eating cookies with frosting and sprinkles, but that's just the life that we live.  I made some whole wheat sugar cookies that were very good but not too sweet.  Adding the sugary frosting and sprinkles makes them perfect.  Orange frosting, sprinkles and candy corn = happy kids and delicious cookies.

 The girls placed their candy corns upright and called them birthday candles.
 Mom's creation:
 Dad's self portrait...but I think he is being a little bit generous with his hair line...
 I can remember when it was more likely to see Dan holding a beer bottle like this, now this is as crazy as we get!
In the past we have baked a couple dozen cookies, decorated them all at once and then not ended up eating all of them.  This year I baked the cookies and we each decorated and ate 1 per day for a couple days.  Everything is fresher this way and spreads the fun out all weekend!

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  1. How Blessed these little are! Dan looks good with an icing can in his hands instead of a beer can:)