Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter Time Doings

Wow, has it already been almost 2 weeks since Easter?  And even longer since I have been able to sit down and post!  We had a wonderful Easter with lots of things going on to post about.  We are still trying to make a dent in all of the candy that showed up at our house during that weekend.

There was a Easter Egg hunt for young kids downtown that we took the girls to.  Friends of our also came out and the kids raced to gather as many eggs as they could before another hunter found them.

Kaelyn and Magnolia going for the same egg...
 Boothe with her basket that is almost as big as she is (she has high Easter egg hunting expectations).

 On Good Friday we traveled to Valparaiso to meet my cousin's newest little one.  She lives in Indy and was home for Easter so we had the perfect opportunity to make a quick trip to see them.  Lots of other cousins and family was there are we had a fun time.

Boothe, Carter, Magnolia, Jonah and Cora
 The day before Easter, we colored eggs with the girls (mostly just with Magnolia as Boothe wasn't too into) for the first time.  Magnolia got a kick out of it and we didn't even do anything fancy to them.  Just soaked them in the dye and Magnolia added stickers afterwards.

 We went from 2 perfectly well working cars to 0, yes ZERO, in a matter of a couple weeks.  Both of the transmissions became non-working. Can't really plan or budget for that so in the meantime we are down to borrowing one of my parent's cars and getting used to being a 1 car family.  We are looking for the right car but for now are just staying home a lot.  The car seats have been in and out of cars a lot these past several weeks and they are much more fun to play in when NOT in a car.
 Easter morning+Easter Bunny=2 spoiled girls.  I think he forgot to leave baskets full of gifts for Dan and I...
 After naps on Easter, we did an egg hunt in the backyard as we have done the past 2 years.  They were both very excited about this one and I think Boothe ended up getting 1 more egg than Magnolia did! ha

Happy Belated Easter!  But we are still very much in the 50 days of celebrating the Resurrection so I'm really not too belated....


  1. Cute. I liked how the girls outfits matched their car seats. haha! Good seeing you guys!

  2. precious as always...a couple things I love...1) The pink picnic table, love, love love!!!! - wherevr did you find? 2)Your pics are great, esp the egg dying! 3) YOu know I love their MATCHING smocked dresses 4)the little flower you put on your Boothe's jacket!

    PS_ called Leighanne about the Barn, she might be willing to open it up for a private pre-sale in the next few weeks...she and her Mom are out there getting it cleaned-up and "resticked" after Winter.....I am chopping at the bit to get over there and will call you as soon as I hear from her!