Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ballet Class

Magnolia finished up her semester of ballet class last Thursday.  We got to go in and watch the class.  There was one other observation day in the middle of the semester and I could tell so much improvement from then until now.  All the girls look so cute in their pink tights and tutus.  Magnolia seems to really like it so for now, this will be our winter activity.  I just signed her up for tennis this summer, which will be our summer activity if she likes it.

She is taking her classes from Southold Dance Company.  I mainly picked it because their studio is just a few blocks from our house and it's a quick trip there and back.  We have really been happy with everything about our experience.  Boothe is DYING to join in and participate but she'll have to sit out one more year until she is 3, poor thing.  Must be hard being a younger sibling (I was the oldest!) ha.


  1. Sooooo cute!!! Can't wait to get Grace signed up we have to wait till she's 3 too!!! How fun! Boothe def. looks like she is ready and waiting:)

  2. I love these!! Esp the one of Magnolia throwing her pink thing in the air! Too cute
    -Amanda Lechlitner