Saturday, February 5, 2011

Some of our Favorite Books

The girls have become attached to a handful of our books.  When it's time to read books, these are the ones they go to and even Boothe has names for her favorites.  I thought I would post some of them today and save some others for another day.  If you are looking for a good children's book for someone, here are some of Magnolia and Boothe's suggestions....

 The next 2 books are by the same author, Virginia Lee Burton.

 The next 4 are by Pat Hutchins.  She has definitely become one of our favorite authors.  These books are especially favorites of Boothe.

 This last one is the newest book of the bunch.  Every book except for the last 2 were picked up at yard sales for a quarter each.   We first read Tea for Ruby at the library and after checking it out and reading it over and over for 3 weeks, I knew we needed our own copy.  It's all about manners and made sense to Magnolia.  She has really learned manners from this book and when she forgets her manners, we remind her about Ruby.  Lately Boothe has been asking for this book too!
I'll share another bunch of our favorite children's books later this month.  I have saved some of our most favorite for last!

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  1. You guys could start your own library.... They sure do love their books! Way to go mom.