Friday, February 18, 2011

My Funny Valentines

We had a lovely Valentines this year beginning with a playgroup party.  We hosted our playgroup and served lunch and some Valentine goodies and asked everyone to wear red and/or pink for the party.

These 2 wore heart dresses.  I wonder which of those hearts are mine?
They do the funniest things when I ask them to smile for a picture, but luckily they are still cute! ha
 We made cupcakes for the party the night before and Magnolia helped with the sprinkles before our friends came over.
 Each of the kids got to fill a jar with candy to take home.

Why do we seem to never get a break from holiday candy?  It starts at the beginning of October with Halloween, transitions into Christmas candy during November, then onto Valentines candy once you think your Christmas candy is gone, and now we start on Easter candy in a few weeks as we finish up the last of our Valentines candy!!

Dan and I also had a nice Valentines Day with the girls.  A couple boxes of chocolates, a few new books and a vase full of flowers topped off our simple gifts between the 4 of us.

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  1. The girls are so pretty in there valentine dresses. What a great idea with the candy jars! Just love your little ideas on things.