Friday, May 17, 2013

Packing Up and Moving On

We sold our house! It was quick.  Much quicker than we had anticipated, but such a blessing.  For the past month now we have been looking for a place to live.  So far nothing has come on the market that we want to buy and we don't want to rush into buying because I never plan on moving again.  Most likely we will find a place to rent for the rest of the year or maybe until next spring.  I have felt at peace through this process because I know God has us right where he wants us and when/where He wants us to be next will be shown to us.  I've seen His Hand at work over these last few months.  The only part that gets me stressed a bit is the thought of packing and moving all of our stuff.  God is welcome to lend His Hand in that process as well but something tells me that's all on me! :)

I'll keep you posted as we make some decisions here in the next month before closing on our house sometime in June.  I have a feeling June may be a little crazy so I may not be posting much but once things have settled down, I'll play catch up.  I'm excited to see where we will land next, whether it be temporary or permanent.

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