Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring has Sprung

Although we got some snow (!) yesterday, we have had enough nice days and sunshine that I have officially packed away our winter coats.  I enjoy putting those away for two reasons.  For one, it means its warm enough to not need those coats anymore.  And also, as our family grows we have the need for more and more coats and snowsuits and those things are bulky and take up so much space.  When all that winter stuff is packed away I feel like our home is a bit lighter, like after cleaning out a cluttered area of your house and purging...aaahhhhh.

So the kids have been playing outside everyday that its not raining or snowing (!) (seriously, what the heck!!).  Sometimes they still have to bundle up a bit, but other days they get too hot for even a jacket.  We've visited the zoo and park, taken a few walks and bike rides around the neighborhood, and played a ton in the backyard.  Now the countdown is on for the pools and splash pads to open for the season!

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