Saturday, November 12, 2011


My little Strawberry Shortcake and little chick took to the streets on Halloween night like champs.  They went door-to-door for an hour before Boothe started to lose it and Magnolia was ready to get back too.  They even trick-or-treated at our house twice before the 5pm start time just to get some practice.  I was proud of how often they said thank you for the candy at our neighbor's and neither was shy about going up to most houses and saying trick-or-treat.  After every house Magnolia would run back to me and show me the exact candy she had got and when we got home she dumped her bucket and counted each piece.  All the candy was gone within a week.  I think I helped out a little too much, but baby brother made me do it.

And now the count down is on for Thanksgiving and less than 6 weeks before baby boy arrives!

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  1. Another Halloween is gone:( But Thanksgiving is almost here and Baby Brother is almost here!! getting so excited to meet our new grandson:)