Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lane Guest Ranch

The day after my birthday, a couple weeks ago, we traveled out west to spend a week with family in northern Colorado.  Near Estes Park in the Rockies there is a wonderful all-inclusive ranch that is perfect for all ages making it a great spot for family reunions.  Check out their website here.  It was definitely a neat place to spend a week.

We took Amtrak from Chicago to Denver and loved it.  The girls and I had never rode on a train in the US and we all thought it was really a great way to travel if you are in no hurry to get anywhere.  It's just relaxed.  It was suppose to be a 17 hour trip and ended up being about 20 hours, but we had decided the traveling was going to be part of the vacation.  Usually the travel days of a trip are dreaded, long and stressful whether you fly or drive.  We wanted the train ride to be part of the fun and it really was.

The girls in Union Station, Chicago.
 The girls settled in on the train.
 Night time on the train was really cool.  Everyone slept well in their own bed and I thought it was relaxing (for the most part) to sleep while in motion.  I love to sleep in the car!

 Arrival in Denver.  Off to meet uncle Pete who picked us up from the station.

 The girls in front of the sign for the ranch.
 Three out of 4 of the girl second cousins.  Hailey 8 months, Boothe 2, Magnolia 3.5, Ayla 2.5
 Pierce, 3 years.
 Magnolia getting on the train in Chicago.  Somehow this picture got out of place...
 Cayden, 4 years.
 This was either breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Lodge.  Some Hughes and some Haynies.
 Guess who...
 We swam everyday before and after lunch.  The pool was great.  Lunch was served at the Cafe next to the pool.

 All 5 of the girl second cousins.  I wonder which one is the BIGGEST ham?
 Enjoying the nice weather on the deck of the house.
 Play-doh kept the kids entertained for awhile one day.
 Magnolia and Boothe's only 1st cousin on Dan's side.  Ayla is 4 months younger than Boothe.
 Baby Harper 15 months, with her mommy, Erika.
 A family picture before dinner one night.
 Pete and Boothe obviously really enjoying themselves at dinner! :)

 This place is amazing with kids.  Counselors just for kid stuff.  They took the kids pony riding.  Took us all on a easy hike.  Kept the kids at Kid's Camp to do arts and crafts and just play.  Came to the house to babysit.  Were essential to this trip feeling relaxing and like a vacation to us parents.  Priceless.
 Magnolia and Pierce waiting to ride their pony, Salt.
 Pete and Ayla waiting for her turn.
 Most of the horseback riders.  Harper came over to the corral late and LOVED the horse so they actually took her on a short ride and then another with she said "more, more, more"!
 Magnolia and Salt.  What a big girl.

 Beautiful backdrop at the corral.

 Then it was Boothe's turn.  She was ecstatic!  Only rider who wanted to go again once everyone had gone.  Fearless.

 Tried to get a nice family picture in front of the scenery but the sun was RIGHT in our face so Magnolia didn't want to look towards the camera and Boothe was cheesing it with her eyes closed so she could get some candy (bribery).
 Feeding the pony apples.
 These little guys are in great supply around the ranch.  They are EVERYWHERE!
 Boothe on round 2.

 Group picture.  Only missing uncle Frank.  Here's the lineup:  Justin and Lowry and their 2.  Ken and Erika and Harper.  Aunt Mary.  Aunt Susan and Pierce.  Us and our 2.  Pete and Mis and Ayla.
 Another dinner shot, from a different angle.
 Almost everyone from the group went along for an easy short hike one afternoon with the children's counselors.  It's actually a kid's hike but being pregnant and already having a hard time breathing because of the altitude and dry air, I wanted to do something but nothing AT ALL strenuous or even long.  This was perfect and ended up being perfect for everyone, the kids and parents.
 Magnolia led the way for the first part of the hike.
 We walked to a beautiful waterfall.
 The kids throwing stones into the river.

 Another picture that somehow got out of place when I uploaded them.

 Next the kids went fishing with the kid's counselors.  Dan and Justin were there too but this fishing trip was for the kids.  The guys all took an early morning fishing excursion and caught....nothing!

 Does it matter if you don't catch anything while fishing when you have scenery like this?

 The counselor caught a very small fish that they all got to touch.

 Simply perfect.
 Simply perfect.
We took the train home from Denver to Chicago, but had a slightly different experience on our return trip.  I have to save that for another post.

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  1. A wonderful family vacation, and a beautiful place to have it! What a fantastic idea. Love all the pictures:)