Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dance Camp

This summer I signed Magnolia up for 1 activity a month.  June was Vacation Bible School at church, July was Dance Camp at Southold and we are in the middle of Tennis Camp at Leeper Park right now.  At the end of the week of dance the girls put on a short recital of all the things they learned during the week.  It was pretty cute even when Magnolia sat on the floor before running over to me during the first dance! ha  She must have had stage fright.

I love this girl!

 My little monkey who wants to be involved like her big sister so bad!

 I love this girl too!


  1. These two girls are beautiful, I can't wait to see what little brother looks like:)

  2. I LOVE MY GIRLS -- I can't believe how beautiful both inside and outside they are; how blessed we are to have them!! Love, Grandma Kath