Monday, April 4, 2011


Our life has been revolving around eggs these days.  First my parent's chickens started laying and these days they get 5-7 eggs/day from 7 layers.  Scrambled eggs have become almost a daily staple at either breakfast or lunch.  We all love them so I don't think we will grow tired of them anytime soon.  This picture is of their very first egg that one of their hens laid about 6 weeks ago.  They begin smaller and as the hens begin laying more and more they eventually get bigger.
Boothe holding the egg which she proceeded to accidentally crack minutes later.  Our fault...we gave a 1 year old an egg!

Once it was cracked we had to eat it! ha  Maybe it was no accident that Boothe cracked it...she does love to eat eggs.
Onto other egg news.  This Easter/spring we decided to take advantage of all of the egg shells we now had and plant grass in them.  This is just the beginning of the process with the dirt and seeds in the shells, but in a couple weeks they should look like this on my friend, Leah's beautiful blog.
I have also been knitting Easter Eggs for the girls to hang.  They are so fun and quick to do!  I am using the pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits.  It's fun coming up with different patterns and color combinations to try.  Magnolia has even decided on the color combos she would like me to make.  These are the Easter/pastel colors I have been using minus the blue which somehow didn't make the picture.
And here is how they have turned out:
And now that I have several done, I need to find a branch to use as a make shift tree to hang them from.


  1. Count yourself lucky that Booie only broke an egg. Her dad broke a front tooth coloring Easter eggs--it's a long story.

  2. Jenica! Those knit eggs ALMOST convince me to start knitting! I love them.... and you, you talented mommy!