Thursday, January 7, 2010

Boothe's Baptism

Boothe was baptised on December 27th at Sunnyside Presbyterian Church. This was on her 6 month birthday. Sunnyside is the church that we belong to, where we were married and where mom and Magnolia were also baptised. We went out to brunch afterwards to celebrate. My mom woke up that Sunday morning with a stomach bug that kept her at home, unfortunately, but the rest of the crew was with us. Magnolia also wasn't feeling well, as you can probably tell from this first photo and she ended up "spitting up" during brunch, but felt much better right away, as you can probably tell from the photo of her eating chocolate mousse in her pajamas at brunch (the only change of clothes we had for her).

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  1. I was so sad to miss Boothe's baptism :( I was there in spirit though:) I will be there for the next one!!!