Friday, September 4, 2009

Just the girls

Since I didn't make the cut in any of the pictures (no boys allowed, I guess), I at least get to describe them. It is hard to believe but Boothe is almost 10 weeks already and it is even harder to believe that Magnolia is almost 2!!! (We won't say how old Mom is getting)

Boothe is starting to smile and coo a lot and generally seems to be a more content baby than she was in the first few weeks. She be following Magnolia around, repeating everything she says in no time. Hope you all enjoy the pictures. I am so thankful for these girls.

All smiles

"Talk into my good ear."

3 beauties

Loves her sister

Trouble in the making

Holding up that head pretty well

Sign language, already....

Vintage pic

Boothie with her eyes wide open

Mixing it up

She's actually highlighting a brief for Daddy


  1. Thanks for posting these pics! I can't believe how BIG Boothe looks. Another blue eyed girl!! :) Can't wait to see you all in one week.

  2. Mame and Bopie are so proud to have such wonderful grand daughters! We love spending time with them and watching them grow.