Monday, April 18, 2011

Winter or Spring?

Last weekend we planted our Sugar Snap Peas in the garden.  We were barefoot and playing with the water table.  The sun was warm and bright.

This weekend, it snowed.  Not enough to stick, but snowflakes were in the air and it was sooooo cold!  Enough already.  We had to turn our furnace back on!

The grass we planted did so well and the girls loved to watch it grow every couple days.  Each shell is full with tall green grass.  It makes me wonder whether one could plant vegetable seeds in egg shells as indoor starts and transplant later.  Are egg shells good for plants?  I would imagine you could just crush the shells slightly before putting them right into the ground.  Maybe next year I'll try it.

 Trying to plant the peas.  One little helper helped, the other one didn't.  Guess which one is which...
 And then there was one...
We planted 4 rows.  One of the rows contains the seeds I saved from our "crop" last year.  If they turn out well, I will save all of our seeds for next year.  It's a little intimidating.
 Boothe has graduated to a big girl swing.  And does very well.  I'm much more scared that she will fall off than she is.  But even I'm not too concerned as the swings are very low to the ground.

 And of course Boothe can't just like to swing.  She has to love laying back and scaring me half to death.
So since last weekend, we have some tiny pea sprouts.  Yesterday I noticed them mostly around the outer edge of the garden which gets the most sun.  Hope this crazy weather doesn't effect the little seedlings.

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  1. we are gonna all have a busy summer, playing outside and welcoming Raife:)